About Us

Founded In 1986
About Join the Detroit Chapter. You’ll find creative inspiration, learn new techniques, make new friends, get invitations to special events, and Have Fun!
Organization Overview We are one of the largest and longest running ASG chapters in the U.S. We have eleven local groups that meet all over the Metro Detroit and Upper Ohio area. Members can attend any meeting, anywhere in the country. We look forward to special events, hosting fashion shows, as well as local and national sewing speakers. Members are very supportive of our community, donating their time and talents to provide local and national organizations with needed items. There is much more to our organization. Come visit us at a local meeting to get more information.
Mission Advancing sewing as an art and life skill.
Email 29Psalms11jf@gmail.com
Chapter Advisory Board President Jan Ford
Facebook Page Administrator Cindy Bolton
Secretary Rochelle Jaffe
Treasurer Kay Bell
Membership Lisa Frendberg 
Special Events Coordinator Laura Lauer
Board Meetings   Board meetings are held once per quarter. All members are encouraged to attend. Meet fellow chapter members, bring pictures of your neighborhood group, and build relationships. Board meetings are usually held at various local libraries and member homes. For details and location information, contact Jan Ford at 29Psalms11jf@gmail.com